low it

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low it
the shorter version of say allow it.Used by the ghetto heds or peeps u aint bothered 2 say da full ting.
It means dnt worry, leave it, or you aint got time 4 dat certain ting.
Tajah: ” did dat biatch just srew me?”

Nara:” Yep, wat da fuck her problem?”

Tajah ” Well if i beat her , she will know!”

Nara: ” lol, low it, she aint worth it”

Tajah: “Tru, tru, fuck her”
low it: define #2
Bastardisation of “allow it”, often used by youths who have been rude/outrageous and then wish to compound the effrontery by telling you to metaphorically “chill out”.
Student : “Sir, you are well stink for making me learn this adding up crap.”

Teacher : “There is no need for that bad language.”

Student : “Lowit man!”

low it: define #3
Lowit- Another term for Safe

Derives from “Allow it”

Another term for ‘Let it be’or ‘Its alrite’
Dave: “hey man shall we go play with ure mum?”

Phil: “Yer man Lowit”


Dave: “Oh no man, they just scored on us! We’re down 1 now!”

Phil: “Lowit man, we’ll score next play”

low it: define #4
‘Low it
Abbreviation of allow it. Meaning to allow something to happen with out making a fuss or calling it out.
“james is being a right dick head”

” ‘Low it fam his mam died yesterday”

low it: define #5
pronounced :

everythings good

dont worry about it

not worth thinking about it further
Bloke 1: Sorry bout killing ure dog..

Bloke 2: Sok mate, lowit

Bloke 1: You going to the pub,

Bloke 2: Yeah, lowit

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