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That girl over there is fiesty! She must be a Lorina.
Lorina: define #2
An awesome, hilarious, adorable gal with a creative mind. She loves to help people whenever she can and gets all of the guys. She is always kind to people but don’t mess around with her or you will see a whole nother side of her. She is a great friend and a wonderful companion
“ Look at that girl over there! She is so gorgeous! “

“ That’s that new girl Lorina! “

Lorina: define #3
A Mother that is the Most Fake, Hypocritical Bitch in the world! Don’t listen to ANYTHING she says; don’t fall for that smile, don’t fall for her fake appearance, don’t believe the LIES she’s spread! It’s all a mask to hide the true UGLY person that she is beneath! It’s time for the truth to come out that this woman is nothing but an egotistical, manipulative, FAKE LIAR!
Person 1: Wow your mom is so nice and sweet! She wears her heart on her sleeve, and I can see that she has a lot of friends that know her real self.

Person 2: Thanks! What’s your Mom like?

Person 1: Like a real Lorina :/

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