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Very charismatic, sweet, savvy, head-strong, ambitious and passionate. Does not take nonsense for anyone. Career-oriented and highly intelligent. Knows how to have fun but also knows how to handle business. Naturally cute and a great person to know.
All the Lorins in the world (girl’s only)
Lorin: define #2
Lorin is the best person you will ever meet! She is always sarcastic and makes you wheeze when you laugh. Brunette with hazel eyes… skinny. Square feet that she’s proud of and light weight. Best friend you will ever have! Mountain knees. Someone you can’t live without!!!!😜😜
I don’t know what I would do without Lorin😄
Lorin: define #3
A sex icon… every guys dream! Gets along great with Jakes..(see jake) Not Near a slut, hoe, or hoochie, but gives dome like one would. Sometimes hairy, this girl can be found on the beaches of southern california or northern, however, her whereabouts are uknown at this time.
Jake: hey lorin, i mushroomed you.

Lorin:oh thats what this mark is from, now how do you want it? =

Lorin: define #4
the ruler of the weird group, the most popular of the weirdos. Good at talking to adults and real smart. Likes video games and tons of other shit. Tries to be friendly.
Mark: Did you see that girl today?

Jack: Yeah she was a total Lorin
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