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Loriann is a very nice girl. You can tell her anything that’s been bugging you and she will have something to help it . Loriann is a very bubbly girl she likes to laugh a lot and when she laughs it has a babyish sound to it . When you see her smile she makes you wanna smile too . Loriann has beautiful brown hazel nut eyes and when you look in to them your hearts just drops . Loriann is a very weird person and that’s what makes people like her . Loriann is a very kind loving girl. Loriann is very good at sports and cooking. If you ever got in a relationship with a Loriann you would be very lucky to have her because it would last long and she’s a very loyal girl.
“Loriann is so pretty “

“Damn is that Loriann I feel like I love her “

Boy 1:” I wish I could date her ”

Boy 2: “me too “

“She’s so bubbly ”

“I wish I can be her “

Loriann: define #2
a cool and very perky person.

nice to talk to and likes football.
like a cheerleader.

i think the team shoulf be loriann to win.
Loriann: define #3
lori ann
A beautiful woman that is very kind hearted. She is a very organized person and is always looking out for other people.
Wow she seems like a Lori Ann
Loriann: define #4
Horiann. A girl who is also a hooker at night.
Loriann turns into a horiann at night.
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