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Lorelle: An elf princess from a race of divine beings endowed with magical powers, which they use for the benefit of mankind. A Lorelle is an elf of great beauty. Lorelle will usually have big, expressive brown eyes. They wear their hair long, and have graceful, fragile features and are of extraordinary beauty. Lorelle are from the race of “light elves” having star-like eyes and golden-colored hair. Lorelle are extremely magical creatures, and are pacifistic — unless there is some cause for action. In that case, they are savage fighters, both with spell and sword. The Lorelle elves are a peaceful, nature-lovers who enjoy beautiful things and often try themselves in the arts of drawing and music. Lorelle elves will love white, cream color, beige, and very light pastel earth tones. When they grow older they seldom get weaker, instead they become wiser and even more fair and beautiful. Lorelle elves are said to be immortal, but die of natural death after long lives. Ever since time has been recorded, Lorelle have been there, singing and tending to the forest animals. Nowadays the Lorelle elves are few, their numbers slowly dwindling as the forests they live in are cut down. They do not begrudge this, though, but see it as a passing of an age, the time of Humans.. A Lorelle will feel a duty to ensure the safety and balance of the world. I you know a Lorelle you are truly gifted with a rare and loyal friend and alliance.
Lorelle -elf Princess
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