Lord Tachanka

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Lord Tachanka
Deadly, fierce, and a true force to be reckoned with. Native to Mother Russia, our Lord is a brilliant mathematician and warrior. You do not hunt Tachanka, for Tachanka hunts you. You do not kill Tachanka, for Tachanka kills you. You do not beat Tachanka, for Tachanka beats you. He is our Lord and Savior, the only operator worthy of our praise.
All bow and praise your savior Lord Tachanka, or face the furry of pure Russian anger.
Lord Tachanka: define #2
Lord Tachanka
The one man army, he will save half of Russia with his LMG alone, he is our saviour
Him: Pick a useful operator

Me: Lord Tachanka

(gets kicked)
Lord Tachanka: define #3
Lord tachanka
The best of the best
Carry us to a win lord tachanka
Lord Tachanka: define #4
Lord Tachanka
The worst Rainbow Six Siege operator that is worshiped like a God in the community.
How dare you disgrace our Lord Tachanka!
Lord Tachanka: define #5
lord tachanka
Useless rainbow six operator.
Lord tachanka
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