Lord Omg’Wtf

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Lord Omg’Wtf
Discovered by The Legendary Wordsmith Eric during an archaeological expedition to the darkest corners of the internet, this singular entity known only as Lord Omg’Wtf is revered by several degraded and nefarious cults as the God of the Internet.
It is prophesised that Lord Omg’Wtf shall one day rise from his digital crypt, to spread madness and mayhem across the land. As his influence grows, those who fall under his command will forever speak in his dreaded tongue, known by his initiates as “L337”.
Chain letters are His Unholy Gospel;
spam is His Wrath. Beware the accursed sigil of the Omg’Wtf cult, a curious inscription consisting of a colon and a single parenthesis.
These cults are known to engage in orgiastic license during their worship of His Icon, a pixel-based sculpture depicting His faceless, sickly-yellow bipedal form running, nay, chasing his prey on the Day of His Resurrection.
All Hail Lord Omg’Wtf, that we may be spared His Wrath!

We offer this sacrifice of proper grammar and spelling in His Name!
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