Lord Farquaad

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Lord Farquaad
Someone who is extra freaky instead of saying daddy they say Lord Farquaad

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Lord Farquaad
The ruler of Duloc in the Shrek movie series. Aka “that nigga.” Farquaad is very short and it is noted in the movie that he is probably compensating for something. Known to have popped a boner when his magic mirror showed him a picture of Princess Fiona.
Lord Farquaad sent Shrek and Donkey to rescue Princess Fiona so that he could marry her and become a king. Little did he know that she was actually an ogre.

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Lord Farquaad: define #3
the unrivaled emperor of the universe he rules with a tiny fist and all follow him though some loose sight of him cause he’s kinda small and sneaky
I just wish I had someone to follow *INSERT LORD FARQUAAD*
Lord Farquaad: define #4
Lord Farquaad
A person with an extremely long chin, freckles and black short but wavy hair.
Person 1; That guy reminds me of someone… big chin.. short.. black hair..

Person 2; LORD FARQUAAD!!!

-both burst into laughter
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