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The girl everybody loves, she’s a bæ. She has lovely brown curly hair, and is thin and tall. She isn’t the most popular but is up there. All the guys want her sooo bad. She’s is the booty, she has many pets, and many names for the pets. Everyone loves her. Her name was spells with a y on purpose.
Londyn is hot (guy)

Yeah I’m asking her out (other guy)

No I am (guy)

No me!!! (Other guy)

Londyn: define #2
1. Capitol of France.. spelled incorrectly with a “Y”

2. A girl who can only be described as “Perfect”. An Epitome of perfection, if you will.

Person 1: Why the hell did that fag spell London with a Y?

Person 2: I don’t know, but check out Londyn. I can’t take my eyes off her.

Londyn: define #3
Londyn is a tall or short girl with blonde wavy hair, who is very goofy and makes everyone laugh for at least thinks that, she can’t dance but knows how to make people smile. She is very kind hearted but can be mad if the wrong person messy with her. She also may be from Italy that’s is any Londyn
Oh my that Londyn over there is has me died over something’s she says

Oh yeah bruh same

She always had me laughing

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