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A word that describes the careless and unlawful act that Indonesians (specifically the Jakartans) do while being in London. First it is widely known that Indonesians are not accustomed to rules and regulations (sadly). Running traffic lights, being 2 hours late for a meeting, getting on or stopping public busses (or public transportations for that matter) anywhere on the streets (not on bus stops or the designated spots), never to understand the queuing system, having more than 3 people on a motorcycle (often a family of 5), not to mention jaywalking, u-turning illegally, driving under the influence, and a million other traffic violations and simplified bureaucracy; when done in London, it is described as the act of Londonesia.
I just parked in front of Buckingham Palace to quickly take a selfie with the palace in the background is very Londonesia.

Trying to flirt then bribe the bus driver to stop in front of the restaurant where I am meeting my friends instead of at the bus stop is so Londonesia.

Insisting to get an ashtray from the waiter/bartender at a restaurant/club so I can smoke a cigarette indoor is a Londonesian thing to do.

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