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Someone who was born and raised in the English capital city that is London. More than not, often associated with people hailing from more central and well known areas such as Wesminster, it does often include people from the West, East, North and South suburbs though.
If you are a cockney, you are a Londoner, but if you are a Londoner, you do not have to be a cockney.
Person 1: “Are you a Londoner?”

Person 2: “I live in Ealing, so yeah I am. Are you?”

Person 1: “I live on the outskirts, techinally in Hertfordshire but I would say I’m a Londoner.”

Person 2: “No. No you’re not.”

Londoner: define #2
Someone who lives in London.
Londoner: define #3
Someone who hails from London. Not to be confused with a cockney; to be a cockney you have to come from East London. Believe it or not, there is also a West,North & South London.
“You from Essex mate? You sound like like it”

“Nah. I’m a Londoner. Move to Hertfordshire when I was 13 though”
Londoner: define #4
a person who will happily pay the best part of a million pounds for a small terraced house in an ‘up-and-coming’ area and think that they got a good deal
‘Joan and Bob have just bought a 3 bed house in Stoke Newington you know – it was only £600,000 and an excellent investment.’
Londoner: define #5
a person who lives in london also a type of attitude normally jus plain fuckin rude but a lot of the time nice people tend 2 b busy drunk or high
god look at that londoner jus plain fuckin rude walked straight into me didnt apologise or nuttin
Londoner: define #6
People Of The Cockney. Usually live in drones arround London. Like to steal things, especialy bread and mobile phones. could make good slaves
*walks down street*

Londoner: GIME UR FONE!!!!

Me: Yeah ok stfu you n00b

*uzi’s londoner into next week*

Me: Next….

*walks of*

Londoner: define #7
A person with a genuine birth certificate that states the named person was born in the City of London Maternity Hospital. (Unfortunately, shortly after I was born, it was closed down – can’t think why…)

The hospital closed in the late 1950’s, so unless you were a home birth within the City of London, after that date, YOU ARE NOT A LONDONER. Westminster is merely a London Borough, not London. London is The Square Mile.

“Where were you born?”

“Fleet Street, East Side of the Griffin. I’m a Londoner, I live in Middle Temple.”

“I’m from Hackney.”

“Ah, a cockney.”
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