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A Lominchar is a rare species that was first created in 1992 for the first of its kind was born

that year. Besides the fact that they are very nice, sweet, loving, and/or caring, they can often at times be very annoying, persistent, and/or selfish. Even though they have these traits they still have many great qualities. These involve being very affectionate, talented, swaggin’, fresh, young, hip, (in)dependent, cool, creative, imaginative, and a bunch of other adjectives that you could name. Although Lominchars are a very rare species, they stick out like sore thumbs or like to often be the center of attention {so it’s not to hard to spot them}. Some Lominchars, though, may note have all these traits as each one is born different. Some may be more derpy, douchy, sensitive, calm, crazy, hyper, naggy, sassy, edgy, and/or weird.Hobbies Include: Cuddling, drawing, napping, sleeping, knocking out, singing, playing instruments, derping hardcore, fangirling, acting, dancing, obsessing over things, and/or cosplaying.Nicknames: Lawnchair, Lemonchair, Lomincharmander, Charmander, Lomain, Lominhoe, Lominwhore, Luckycharms, etc.Animals Associated With: Charmander, Dog, Lizard, Meerkat, and ArmadilloSynonyms: LazyColor: Red, Orange, Yellow

Example 1:

Girl 1: Omg, did you hear what Ricky did?

Girl 2: No, What did he do?

Girl 1: He flicked off a Lominchar and was talking shit behind their back!

Girl 2: No way! No one fucks with a lominchar! They’re so cool and awesome!

Girl 1: I know right!

Example 2:

Boy 1: Damn, I don’t know who to take to prom.

Boy 2: Dude, everyone knows that The Lominchars are the best!

Boy 1: Yea, but aren’t they a little out of my league?

Boy 2: Yea, you’re right. Even the male one is out of your league bro.

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