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L.O.M.F.A a misspelling of lmfao but was given a defination used by a few players of runescape. The defination is

laughing out my fucking ass. It is when you are laughing really hard in real life. Some people use it in the W31 Barr0ws friends chat in the game.

Guy 1: I took a big shit just now hurt like hell…

Guy 2: I shit rainbows 🙂

Guy 1: Your gay.

Guy 3: Lomfa!

Asain Kid: I got a D in science….

Asian Dad: What?!#?$!#$??!$ GTFO!

American Kid: Lomfa!

Player 1: We normally DO it on weekends.

Player 1: We use a candom.

Player 2: Condom*

Player 3: Lomfa!!!

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