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A slang word for a Volvo – A Swedish, usually old-folks and family-oriented and slow.The term would refer to a

Volvo that is just the opposite, making you Laugh Out Loud. A Volvo is a car most people would expect to be boring, slow, and uneventful; whereas a Lolvo is a Volvo that is classified as a “sleeper” – One that one would never expect to be fast in any sort of way. A Lolvo is a Volvo that is exciting, tuned, fast, and all-around interesting.

Guy 1: “Look at this loser in the Volvo trying to race me!”

*Volvo speeds off quicker than a Corvette*

Guy 2: “That’s no Volvo, that’s a Lolvo! Haha!”
Lolvo: define #2
what happy people drive.

originally volvo (car)

similar to a lols-royce

look at that lolvo, it just makes me smile.
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