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1.Somebody who says “lol” when they aren’t typing and they actually say it out loud.2. A person that types lol

way to many times, even when something isn’t funny.

The following conversation did take place in real life and is said out loud.

Person 1: Lol

Person 2: Wow, you are such a lolser for not actually laughing and just saying lol, get off the computer sometime.

Lolser: define #2
someone who is so much of a loser that they are laughable, or lolworthy.

This could be for a wide range of reasons.

Person 1: Dude, did you hear about Esteban getting kicked in the balls by that girl last night?

Person 2: Haha, yeah, that seems to happen all the time – what a lolser
Lolser: define #3
Noun. Similar to loser, except you laugh at the person at the same time.
BF1942 idiot #1: “I just crashed my plane into the ground.”

BF1942 idiot #2: “You lolser.”

Also see noob, douchebag, and trekkie.

Lolser: define #4
when you’re laughing at someone and they think you’re laughing with them.

ridicule, loser

“Hahahahah, you LOLSER.”
Lolser: define #5
laughing stock, loser…a loser that is completely wothy of laughing at
bert is such a lolser!!!
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