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A japanese art form. Lolikon is an artform in which the artist draws suggestive material towards, underage, or small females.

art form is commenly known throughout America and Japan.

“Dude that ‘Lolikon’ on your computer rocks!”
Lolikon: define #2
Anime term: Young or underage girl.

Usually conveyed as innocent/curious and put in a tempting, not-so-innocent situation. See jailbait.
Girl: I just stayed at some guys house. He’s 23.

Friend: But you’re a lolikon…

Girl: I know. Hehe.

Male Over the Age of 18: That girl is way too hot to be a lolikon. o_o;

Lolikon: define #3
The lolita complex — or to be engrossed with pedophilia.
Damn it Richard, stop being such a lolikon pervert.
Lolikon: define #4
Manifestation of a preoccupation with young girls.
“Little girl, I offer you a lollipop in demonstration of my nature: lolikon.”
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