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It is to laugh so much you orgasm.

Whats that mess over my new carpet?

John just had lolgasms.
Lolgasms: define #2
the climax of a lollified experience
right around “then he popped out of the bushes and was like HEADSHOT!” is when I achieved lolgasm.
Lolgasms: define #3
an abrupt fit of laughing, usually involuntary
“OMG that was so funny i might have a LOLgasm”
Lolgasms: define #4
laughing so hard u might as well cream ur pants
person1 “im not gay”

person2″tell that to ur asshole”

Lolgasms: define #5
a “gasm” of “lol”

laughing uncontrollably. succumbing to a ‘lolgasm’

the climaxing point of an enourmous laugh.

“susie saw bobby’s face and had a lolgasm”

“emg. dude. LOLGASM at your face :)”

Lolgasms: define #6
A lolgasm is where you are laughing so hard you just can’t stop.

lolgasm = a laughing orgasm

used more so between mates.
person1: “man she was laughing so hard she had a lolgasm!”

person2: “true?, lolk”


person2: “whoa i just had the biggest lolgasm!”

person1: “lolk, what was so funny?”
Lolgasms: define #7
the act of laughing so hard you can no longer breathe and have pain in your chest from laughing that hard, similar to the gigglegasm but on a larger scale
Haha, I just lolgasmed when I found out about that prank you pulled
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