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Lolarge, Verb. Meaning, A very, (large laugh out loud) or (large lots of laughs). Pronounced, Lo-Large. Two syllables.
Lolarge is a

phesable easy to understand extension based on the popular acronym, LOL.The americanism of (Lolarge) is, lolage pronounced (Lol-age), without the letter R, not to be mistakenly interpreted as, an old laugh, due to second syllable (age) lolage is the same as lolarge.It was first used almost exclusively between a group of friends, but has since become widespread in other forms of computer-mediated communication and face-to-face communication and even now a into a system designed by a well known man from Croydon, of point scoring, whereby it’s a game of who can be awarded the most Lolarge’s out of your group of friends, each lolarge is awarded to those with a joke, witty banter or a killer one liner.

“Carol told me her secret and it was too funny I had to lolarge!” Or

“That joke George delivered deserves nothing less than a lolarge!” Or

“Sue noticed after shopping for glasswear they had undercharged her, she was so happy she had a lolarge moment”

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