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When the mischievous Tom Hiddleston ruins your life completely. (It’s up to you to decide whether it’s a good or

a bad thing.)

*Watching the Avengers for the tenth time and realizing you actually worship the bad guy*

You: Oh god, I think I just got Loki’d.

Loki’d: define #2
to be screwed with or pranked by a very, VERY mischievous fellow (in reference to the Marvel super-villain Loki Laufeyson).
– You just got Loki’d!
Loki’d: define #3
The term used by the actor who played Loki in both Thor and the Avengers, Tom Hiddleston. It is used to embody the trickster essence of his character Loki: the God of Mischief. Usually said aloud after one plays a silly or light-hearted joke on someone else. It originated from an MTV After Hours video where Tom Hiddleston and Josh Horowitz act out a little skit in which Tom plays a few dorky tricks on Josh (usually can be viewed on Vimeo).
Josh: -paying for his lunch- What, probably about ten bucks, right?

Cashier: Actually, it’s been payed for already

Josh: What?

Tom: -pops out from around the corner- EHEHEHEHE! You’re such an idiot, I bought your lunch for you! ehehehe you’ve been loki’d again! LOKI’D!

Josh: …okay, got me again…

Loki’d: define #4
“Loki’d” is when you commit a generous prank.

This can also be used as a troll term

This phrase, term, whatever, came from the great Tom Hiddleston, who is either: truly Loki, Loki’s spirit animal, or the other way around.

Example #1

Person 1 (with tray of food): “What, probably around ten bucks right?”

Cashier: “Actually it’s already been paid for”

Person 1: “What?”


Example #2

Person 1: “Can you believe Joss Whedon’s April Fools prank? He never actually intended on telling us what Loki’s army consisted of”

Person 2: “I know! He’s such a troll! We totally got LOKI’D!”

Loki’d: define #5
To be tricked or fooled or made a fool of.
Tom Hiddleston:*gives Josh coffee* Freshly brewed~ I can’t survive without it myself.

Josh Horowitz: Thanks, yeah it’s like the gas in my engine*drinks*

Tom: *laughs* I totally know what you mean. Uh the funny thing about that coffee is….theres no gas in the engine…

Josh:*confused* What-? What are you talking about???

Tom: Theres no caffeine in it~ so it’s decaf~ …took the caffeine OUT. I de-caffed it. decaff-i-na-to~

Josh: yup, you got me.

Tom: your going to be sooo sleepy later :3

It’s DECAFF! and you needed caaffeine! XD

Josh: …

Tom: *laughs at Josh* HAHAHAHAHAA HOOHOHOOO~!! It’s a prank! 😀

Josh: alright, Tom.

Tom: Your going to be soo sleepy!XD ((Josh: Yep))your not going to be able to stay awake!((Josh: Yep)) You’ll look like such an ASS!


Tom: LOKI’D!!
Loki’d: define #6
Someone who’s been Loki’d is a person who has had their heart and soul stolen by the god of mischief Loki.
“Hey did you watch Thor yesterday?”

“Yeah, I’ve been Loki’d”

“I am Loki’d”

Loki’d: define #7
Getting your power cut in half, because other heroes suck.

Baller 1: Yo, you play deadpool?

Baller 2: Yeah man, he currently sucks.

Baller 1: Ahh shoot man, I like him.

Baller 2: Yeh man, he is cool. Dr Doom is way better though.

Baller 1: Man, they need to nerf dat fool, hard.

I was playing deadpool, he sucks. Dr Doom needs to get Loki’d so I feel better.
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