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Known for staring in utter disbelief at other peoples stupidity, this habit is often misinterpreted as acknowledgment from the unsuspecting

retard. Quick to remind people of his true feelings for them this tends to give the Loïc name a slightly negative twist, but as anyone even half way up the food chain would know he is quite a pleasant person to be with.Often found in remote parts of the world, Loïcs tend to celebrate being united with other Loïcs. The complete and utter disregard for anything that may have been happening before this most joyous of discoveries tends to disrupt any social event for a couple of minutes while they share this most exhilarating news with anyone who is within earshot.Loïc professions can range from motorcycle jacking to corporate extortion although they tend to live unnoticed by the law. Often moderately wealthy, they enjoy the simple things in life like fast cars, THC, and alcohol. Often at the same time.If you meet one sincerity is the way to go, and often you will walk away unscathed, although probably not any better off as only the closest of friends gain anything from encountering these individuals.Web spelling: Loïc

-“What is your name?”


-“Who is that guy?”


Loic: define #2
This is an acronym for Low Orbit Ion Cannon, a Distributed Denial-of-Service client. . See that page for more info.
“lol gys LOIC teh shit outta souja boi hes at 208.76,217.20 give this message ‘We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.’ HAHAHAHAHH GOGO /B/!1!1!1!11!!!!”

“Did you hear about that antivirus company site getting LOIC’d?”

“Yeah, I heard they were so flooded they couldn’t even put out a message to try to make the attackers stop.”

Loic: define #3
Low orbital ion cannon which ddos a specific IP address

Used by many kids that play cod and have no future

LOIC is the 10 year old only know about
Loic: define #4
A Disease carrying rodent, thought to have originated in france.
“Dude, you have herpes? You absolute Loic..”
Loic: define #5
adj. or n. used to describe any lazy hobo that smells, has no job, and has a dirty sanchez. Usually hails from Perpignan, France, but may be found living in a cardboard box in any dump around the world. This word can be used to describe anything or anybody negatively.
“OMG, Scott is so much cooler than Loic.”

“EWWW, look at that dirty homeless guy. He is soooo loic.”

“Fuck, I just took a shit and it smelled worse than Loic.”

Loic: define #6
sexy ass bitch
im loic
Loic: define #7
Word used to describe a jobless red headed step child from the bowels of Perpignan, France. “Loics” are hated by many, and this word can be used to describe anything that is lame.
“Wow, Scott is so much more sicky gnar gnar than Loic”

“This pinto is soooo loic.”

“Like, oh my god, look at that hobo, he is sooooo loic.”

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