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A resentful, grudge holding, woman hating man who seeks power because of the way his mother treated him when he

was young.
Or because he has a pathalogical belief that women have an easy advantage in life that men need to control and punish them for it.
Many are bed wetters or wake up at night and pee in the corner of their bedroom. Common characteristics; teeth grinding, squinting and leering,over the shoulder disdainful glares as if he has the authority to judge you, chin rubbing as if thinking of ways to get even, odd low sense of cleanliness, frequents prostitutes, thinks guns make him powerful. Has a strange fascination with bodily fluids and feces.

When Lohman was a baby his mommy thought he was so cute she dressed him in girls cloths for a while. When he got older he never forgot this and felt like killing his mother.

He thought beating on girls and throwing rocks at them was funny.

Girl 1: “Hey that guy down the street is really cute should I ask him out?”

Gal 2: “You better stay far away from that guy he is a Lohman.”

Lohman: define #2
another way of saying “nigger” or “negro” racially aggressive slang.
Yo homie, you see that lohman over there?
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