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Of or pertaining to a woman who begins their acting career nicely with a decent Disney remake of an old

move, goes on to become a vixen, and ruins herself by dying her foxy red hair to a vomit color and finally to a greasy shade of black.

person1: Oh, you want to make movies that get crappier and crappier, and ruin the look that made you stand out as a fox in a crowd of sleazy bimbos by dying your hair? That’s Lohantastic!

Lindsay: Cool, I have fans that support me!
Lohantastic: define #2
a person or event that involves copius amounts of sex, booze, drugs and/or unintentional nudity
Justin: So, how was the party last night?

Kenny: It was basically a booze-filled orgy. Even the cats were doing blow! It was absolutely Lohantastic!!!

Justin: I guess I’ll have to go next time!

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