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it’s the part of the male body that makes girls say wow
in short words is the dick ,or weiner ,,or whatever you want to call it .
hey dude , your login is too small ,,why you dont get a mancuernaso to get it long and stronger ?
login: define #2
A word used on most websites where accounts are made; meaning to enter your username and password if you have an account.
Kid 1: What’s it called where you type in your username and password?

Kid 2: That’s logging in. Also called a login.

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login: define #3
Log in
Means u trynna smash a chick short for sex
A girl Can I log in ?
login: define #4
Not commonly a male name. When your parents fail to realize that they are naming you after something people use to get into their computer.
“Hey Login, what are you gonna name your kids? Username?”
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