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A guy with orientation problems. Thinks he’s Welsh, when he’s actually Liverpudlian. Stays up all night playing Clash of Clans

because he can’t get off his ass to play an actual game. Has a supernatural kinship with ovine creatures such as sheep, but passes it off as a joke. Is generally in good spirits, until you mention Rick and Morty’s fourth season. Llyrs usually have a warped sense of humour, which those around him play along with out of pity. Despite this, a Llyr rarely notices, and continues to believe that his jokes are funny.

Who’s that guy over there? Is he talking to a sheep?

Oh, that’s Llyr. Just play along with his jokes, will you?

Llyr: define #2
a man who thinks he’s better than everyone else. he’s always in his own world and you will often find him in a grump. he thinks he is sporty when he is not and laughs at his own jokes.
man: hey look at that grumpy old person over there

man2: yeah he must be a llyr
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