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A common word used in Durban South Africa to display suprise or shock.
It may be used as a Verb or

an Adjective and relates to being spat on by a llama.

“Haha you lose,Get Llama’d”

“Dude,I’m so llama’d by this”

“That last exam Llama’d me”

Llama’d: define #2
Getting beat by a fantasy football team called the llamas
Greg got llama’d by a girl in fantasy football this week
Llama’d: define #3
1. To have been delayed and or billed excessively by contracted parties incapable of basic communication.

2. To be invoiced in perpetuity for time spent daydreaming and otherwise dilly-dallying instead of completing on a project or set of tasks in a timely fashion
Wow, Jim, it they really Llama’d us on that that last feature.
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