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A magical mystical creature that is awesome. It is also related to an alpaca.

The llama apocalypse is quickly approaching.
Llama: define #2
The cutest animal ever that is very similar to an alpaca
I fangirled when I saw a llama, no jokes
Llama: define #3
The animals who will rule the world one day. If you do not worship these animals they will feed you to their babies during the End of the World. But otherwise they are known to be the most awesome animals in the world.
One time I saw these llamas, and I thought they wanted to dance, but then an evil squirrel came up to me and bit my leg; so now I have rabies.
Llama: define #4
This is the sly way to say pussy without being crude or using proper term such vagina. It is taken because the shape of an actual llama’s mouth is similar to one of a female southern lips. In addition, they both spit.

Coming from the song: “Don’t Wanna Trust a Llama” REMIX by Chynaman feat. Savage


Let me pet your llama!

You know her llama has been around the block, no… the neighborhood, no… the community! lol

Ooo I wouldn’t hit that cause everyone knows she has a dirty llama

Llama: define #5
Phonetic ebonic predecessor of “n00b” or “noob”: lamer, lamah, lammah

When slang on the Internet was influenced by ebonics to change “er” endings of words to an “ah” sound. The popular insult “lamer” became “lamah,” which is both awkward looking and phonetically pre-existing in English as “llama.” This practice of phonetic substitution would later peak as a fad by bastardizing the moment when two humans pronounce their undying bond for one another with simply “Olive Juice.”

Synonym: newb or n00b

Antonym: elite, l33t

Derogatory term to indicate limited cunning or wit in a given topic, typically technological.

Noun. “llama, llamas”

– A lame person or thing in cyber/leetspeak.

– There are those who are leet, and there are llamas.

Adjective: “llama”

– Lame. This club is llama.


– Not used: “Chad has become llama” would be spoken only by a llama.

***now chatting in #momsemuroms***

*leechgzplz disconnected: <timeout exceeded: 3000s>*

haqeur: u ph34r us yet, eric?

h0m3br3w: just Ddos’d that llama w regular /ping on dial-up

“Winamp, it really whips the llama’s ass”

Llama: define #6
An adorable animal the world decided to obsess over in 2015. It’s fluffy, and…actually, I’m pretty sure that’s all we cared to learn about them. We were still obsessed with them, but rather than learning about them, we made a song about them! Ah, humanity.
The llama song:

“Fluffy llama, sad llama, mentally disturbed llama! Super llama, drama llama, big fat mama llama!”

See? We were obsessed with them, but not really anything about them as an animal…just them.
Llama: define #7
The single greatest animal in the history of Earth.
One time a llama spit at me.
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