Llama Sauce

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Llama Sauce
Bad, uncool; All-around sucky in nature. The derivative of Lame Sauce, Llama Sauce is very similar, with more emphasis on

all things llama-like, or ridiculous.

>>I can’t believe a clown just punched me in the face!

<<<Damn dude, that’s lame!

>>It’s more than lame, man. It’s complete llama sauce!

Llama Sauce: define #2
Llama Sauce
An unidentifiable or micellanious substance being used as a sort of sauce (intentionally or not).
Bill woke up on the side of the street. He was hungry, so he grabbed an old hotdog out of the gutter. Their was a little llama sauce oozing out of the bitten part, but he didn’t care.

Bill had Syphilis the next day.

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