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To laugh so hard that you wizz in your pants; a combination of laughing and wizzing. Taken from an episode

of 30 Rock.

“That episode was so funny I was lizzed all night.”
Lizzed: define #2
To be extremely wasted, and make out with random guys, as well as pee in inappropriate places
Boy 1: oh my god did you see that girl pee in the shower last night??

Boy 2: yeah she was totally lizzed
Lizzed: define #3
Lizzed is a beautiful girl. She is shy but once you get to know her she will be the best thing you will have. She likes to go on adventures and she will love and cherish you like no other.

Usually doesn’t like to let her feelings out because she is scared to.

Lizzed is really pretty but she looks sad
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