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Lizette the most prettiest most amazing girl in the world she’s sometimes very lazy but when she putts her mind

to something she can accomplish it, she’s so hot and if u ever see her most likely she will make ur mouth drop of her prettyness her favorite number is 24 and her character is charming when ur on her good side but if ur not she will be very evil with u. She’s down to do anything even the craziest things.

Wow she is a Lizette
Lizette: define #2
The most funniest, kind, caring, outgoing girl. She loves to meet new people, and very social. She can also play any fool out there. When your feeling down, she always going to be there. Shes the type of girl who loves making people smile. One of the things she loves the most in the world is Money. So if you ever meet a Lizette, your going to LOVE her.
Lizette is Amazing.

Lizette: define #3
A totally GORGEOUS girl with an amazing singing voice. She loves music and performing and is just pretty awesome. She has a really sweet smile and has a really cute laugh. She’s also really skinny. Whoever falls in love with this amazing girl is the luckiest man on earth. She has the eyes of an angel and the nicest hair in the world. She’s is also one of the smartest people you could meet.

If you get to know this girl, she can have a lasting impact in your heart. Hold her tight and never let her go.

This girl is so perfect! Her name must be Lizette.
Lizette: define #4
a outgoing, nice girl, a killer body, awesome dancer and is usually involved in any arts.

Lizette is most likely found liking hashbrowns and partying late

Girl 1 – WOW, i cant believe she likes hashbrowns.

Girl 2 – Oh that’s cuz’ its lizette.

Lizette: define #5
Lizette is a shy girl but once you get to know her she’s Wildin out like nick canon but she’s sweet and nice and loves everything if you ever meet a lizette boyyyyy are you luck
“Dudeeee lizette is hella wild we should hang with her”

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Lizette: define #6
just a bad ass nigga in third
the girl named lizette that sits next to me.
Lizette: define #7
Heartbreaker she got the best of me but I just keep on comin back incessantly oh why did you have to run your game on me i should have known right from the start you’d go and break my heart. FDB
She’s such a Lizette
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