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A Truly Beautiful,Clever, Eccentric, and Exuberant young lady, she stands out amongst the girls around her, she’s creative, she’s inquisitive,

curious about the world that she finds herself in, at times she can be fussy about certain things, she prefers to do things on her own, albeit being independent, she finds comfort in being sociable and friendly, she is good-natured, she is somewhat of a perfectionist of note, especially when it comes to her artistic ambitions, she has a beautiful and rich taste in music, she’s witty, sincere and a good friend.
She’s not afraid to put you in your place when need be, Sometimes her tough love is exactly what you need.If you know a Lize, you are lucky, for she is truly-indeed a remarkable young Lady and you should be honoured.

Stop being Lize about it and choose your meal.

She’s Definitely a Lize
Lize: define #2
A replacement word for the german word, kartoffel, which means potato
“It appears there is a Lize famine in Ireland, the Irish will soon starve to death, let us now do an irish jig”
Lize: define #3
Lize: a furry emo kid
Ahhh it’s a furry she must be a lize
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