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A large group of homosexual males that lives in their parents basement and think they are hackers because they can

DDOS servers and copy/paste code.These lonely homosexuals have started becoming noticed by the public after their “DDOS” attack on PSN and XBL; “they claimed”!They also have some brain-damaged fans who encourage them to DDOS more servers and websites since they have nothing better to do in their lives.

An example of a nerdy quote from LizardSquad, “Microsoft props to you for giving us a challenge, good work. Sony, smh.”
LizardSquad: define #2
Lizard Squad
A Bunch of no life attention seeking virgin faggots that took down XBOX and PSN on Christmas today. They have a bunch of retarded fans that have a lower IQ than Justin Beiber fans. They don’t have any purpose they just do it for “fun”. What a bunch of cunts.
The CIA will find the Lizard Squad and they will be in prison for the rest of their lives getting raped by a big black guy named “Bubba”.
LizardSquad: define #3
Lizard squad
A bunch of cocksuckers who live in their parents basement using their retardness to ddos and hack Psn and XBL

. They also have multiple twitter accounts as they are butt scared that they will be banned. The CIA will hunt them down and send them to a mental prison for retardsSo hopefully they will drop the soap and get their tiny dicks mistaken for a vagina.

Lizard squad
LizardSquad: define #4
A group of shitty hackers that still managed to do just enough to piss off more people in a month than the entirety of 4chan has since it’s existence.
Lizardsquad aren’t the best hackers, but they sure did piss off some over obsessive gamers.
LizardSquad: define #5
Lizard Squad
A large group of virgins who think they are cool.
No one in Lizard Squad has ever or will ever be laid.
LizardSquad: define #6
Lizard Squad
A hacking group that sit’s in their parents basement hacking PSN and Xbox servers for Christmas, to ruin everyones time. They suck dick, and shove dildos in their ass.
Dude, PSN servers are down.

Shit bro, Lizard Squad fucked the servers up

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