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The most badass dude you will ever meet. He is hot, smart, funny, caring, and is loved by all. Never

gets into fights unless people deserve it, and always tries to have a great time

John: Hey did you go to that party last night?

Jeremy: Nah, but I heard it was off the hook because Lizandro was there.

John: ya man, it was baggin and he had all the girls
Lizandro: define #2
A name that goes way back–around the Neolithic era–and has been passed down from legend to legend. Problem now is, a lot of fuck asses took my name, so like shit. All these other Lizandro’s exist not knowing of where the name has come from, like shit. I’ve saved like 7 fucking spiders from being killed by my classmates, and I’m still not known of. So next time you meet a Lizandro ask, “is it you?” And if he answers with yes, please give him head, or love, or attention. I’m so fucking sad and lonely. <3
Yo, Lizandro I love you and I mean it. (Obviously a lie so don’t ever use that sentence)

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