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A fastidious enemy from the Nintendo game series, “The Legend Of Zelda”. A Lizalfos is best described as an upright

lizard, somewhat resembling a small dinosaur, who bounds around on its hind legs in a frantic, predatory fashion. When approached by the “Zelda” games’ protagonist, Link, a Lizalfos, nearly always found in a pair, will leap out from obscurity, accompanied by a hurried tone. When engaged in battle with Link, a tension-building, frenzied battle tune is played. Each Lizalfos carries with them a small, broad sword. When a pair of Lizalfos is entrenched in combat with the green-clad Hylian, they alternate – tag-team, if you will – and take turns in confronting their opponent. They swing emphatically at Link, and back-flip with exuberance to evade a blow from his sword. When a window of opportunity opens, the relentless Lizalfos will leap athletically over Link, in an attempt to strike him from behind whilst he’s off-guard. When approaching either during, or immediately before fighting, a Lizalfos will give a curt, brief shriek. A Lizalfos will temporarily retreat from battle, whilst its mate is in the fray. They will attempt to hide behind neighbouring obstacles, then come bounding suddenly with their sword held aloft. Link’s battle only ends when both of the Lizalfos have been slain.

Watch out, Callum! There’s a fucking Lizalfos up there!
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