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little caesarsfood
Little caesar’s is a discount pizza chain that embraces environmentalism by using recycled car tires as an eco friendly alternative to pizza crust
Little caesars is the, dollar tree of pizza chains
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Little Caesarsfood
Best Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza Available Nationwide. Usually about 5-8$ Depending on area; Fast Pizza; Cheap Pizza
Dude, lets hit up Little Caesars, they have large pepperoni pizza’s for like 7$!!
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Little Caesar
Pompous busybody who stands up during meetings to publicly embarrass themselves by giving passionate but utterly false and/or idiotic speeches. They’re also very bossy and always have opinions about subjects they know nothing about.
Clem: Elaine turned into Little Caesar this morning and started ranting about the change in the dress code policy, so the others all started throwing half-eaten bagels at her.
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Little Caesars
Gay sex, usually during in the middle of history class.
“Hey Cole, wanna go to Little Caesars?”

“No, ask noah.”

“Noah, wanna go to Little Caesars?”

“Sure i go there all the time”

**Winks at cole**
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Little Caesars
When referring to having sex with a girl and she is easily considered to be “hot and ready.”
“Hey Todd how was Amy last night?”

“Tanner, you wouldn’t believe she was a Little Caesars.”
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Little Caesar’sfood
Fast Food Mexican Pizza Franchise. Bite, bite, sip, sip, it’s the deep dish combo mambo. It’s what for lunch.
What does a Mexican use to cut pizza with…

Little Caesar’s.
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Little Caesar’sfood
The worst possible pizza you can eat, it’s dry, it’s tasteless, it’s CRAP
Save your money, and go to a real pizza restaurant like Pizza Hut, or any independent pizza restaurant you know
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