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to lift weights, as in weight lifting

that boy could lift 50 lb. dumbells with each arm
Lifting: define #2
used with a negative connotation; to replace words meaning awful, and directed usually at a person, a place of a situation. Used often in the north east of england.
“This is possibly the most lifting party i’ve ever been to in my life.”

“Your patter is absolutely lifting.”

Lifting: define #3

1. Picking up, or hauling an object.

2. Moving something from it’s resting state by force.

3. Working out, such as using Free-weights (dumbells) or machines to perform an-aerobic exercises to build muscle strength and endurance.

Man, lifting weights all day sure did that boy up.

I can’t wait until school gets out so I can go lift.

It’s so boring here, I wish I could go do some lifting.

Lifting: define #4
The act of plagiarism and academic fraud as The Huffington Post relates of a Pastor Plagiarism affair; as SomethingAwful was caught lifting my material for many years. Brian Lumley would torque a lot of fanfiction producers over his argument as he calls it this. Independent Baptist youtube vloggers are very common infamous for lifting material and quote mining to make their argument seem “valid.” Christianity Today in 2013 addressed the subject of plagiarism and in the wake of Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair it does hit the point home. T. S. Elliot is noted for lifting other works as he made a living out of it. When the Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair broke — he even lifted a pop track for his illicit lit.
The subject of ‘lifting’ been around for the last few years. It’s a question what happens when the joker gets caught and when that happens it’s the equal to a paedo-hunt.
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