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A village near Chicago. Nothing really to do here.

We went to the Lemon Tree because it is in Lemont.
Lemont: define #2
A term used for an up and coming community that was once filled with poor, low class, white trash and is being taken over by nouveau riche wealthy ex-Chicagoans.
Remember the good ol’ days before this fucking community became a lemont
Lemont: define #3
A word used to describe something immensely boring.
Dude that place is so lemont i would rather get gang raped in prison.
Lemont: define #4
A word used to describe a town that has a lot of history but people don’t care and instead vape all day
Hey go subscribe to my YouTube RyTheKid793 before you become a Lemont yo
Lemont: define #5
Town where everyone is stuck up and will back stab you to climb the social ladder. It is a great place to live if you have the right last name but please for the love of God don’t move here. Absolutely awful place. There is nothing to do, and everyone just sits around thinking they are better than you. The kids in the town are just as bad as the adults as all they do is sit around and vape and wonder how the cancer got there.
Lemont: Where the only sit-down pizza place has a name like Gelsossomos and tastes like cardboard and ass.
Lemont: define #6
A small town with great places to eat like pancake cafe, Nick’s Tavern, Illinois Bar and Grill
Lemont is a great town to live in.
Lemont: define #7
A supreme chad who doesn’t take shit from anyone and spits on people below him.
“Holy shit man, that dude is such a Le’Mont!”

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