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When your friend nails a sweet scooter trick, it is called legitness

*lands scooter trick*

“That was legitness”
Legitness: define #2
When something is so legit (real, authentic) that the only word that could possibly describe it is “legitness”.
“yo dats only $20 a gram”

“for realz??? I gotchu bro, dats straight legitness right there, you the man”

Legitness: define #3
the art or act of being legit
strapless and unhooked is so legitness…
Legitness: define #4
The degree of how legitimate something is.
That boy lies. He has no legitness.

Word. Your legitness is ballin’.

Legitness: define #5
Legitness is not a proper word found in common dictionary’s besides ones people could easily edit

People of a younger age group will use this word to describe something that they find awesome

“This is NOT the Legitness corner”

“That cat is legitness”
Legitness: define #6
A stupid word 9th grade girls use
This is legitness.
Legitness: define #7
What they have in Texas, instead of fitness.
Texan #1: i’m gonna drive ma truck to the corner store ‘cuz i aint wanna walk a quarter-mile

Texan #2: Legitness!
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