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someone who is usually small, and ALWAYS cute. A more extreme version of little. a special term, only to be used for a select few. Note: usually a person under the age of 12, or someone who has always been the baby of the family
Person 1: did you see Ava today?!

Person 2: Yeah! So leedle! Ever since aileen turned 9, she’s only gotten leedler!
leedle: define #2
A word meaning anything. It can express excitement, happiness, disappointment, confusion, you name it.

Other forms of leedles: leedalia, leedler, lee, etc.

This word is used by only the coolest kids around.

That party was hella fun! LEEDLES!

Guy 1: He got us all in trouble

Guy 2: Wow, what a leedler!

Song form: Teach me how to lee, teach me how to lee.

leedle: define #3
The act of doing a silent laugh, chuckle or snicker. It is usually performed by widening the nasal cavity, and exhaling a large amount of air through that cavity.

It is used as a substitution for “lol”, since the majority of internet users do not actually laugh out loud, but rather leedle.

Guy 1: “Oh em gee, dude. My fart sounded like Chuck Norris cracking his knuckles.”

Guy 2: “Leedle.”

leedle: define #4
A very stupid word that means nothing at all.
Did you just see that guy saying leedle?
leedle: define #5
It is the action when you poke and sustain the poke of a person’s area right below the rib cage.
“Man, I just got leedled.”
leedle: define #6
Origin: Spongeanine

Made by Dalton W, after hearing Patrick’s quote” A leedle, leedle, lee!!!”


1(Verb).To act in a cool, yet retarded manner.

2(Noun)(Onomatopia). A word yelled to relief stress.
1. I like to leedle during Biology.

2. Leedle! He hit a 14 and KOed me!
leedle: define #7
(adj.) meaning cool, amazing, great, etc.

Comes from Patrick in Spongebob saying “leedle leedle leedle”

Can also be used instead of the word “little” if used in a mexican accent.

“Man, that party last night was so leedle.”

“Me cheewahwah ees so leedle.”

“My leedle cheewahwah ees very leedle”

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