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Lawrence Academy
Lawrence Academy is a Prep School apart of the ISL. Originally called Groton Academy, founded in 1793. 10th oldest school

in the country and 3rd oldest in Massachusetts. 5th most expensive school in the country.Their admissions is focused on athletics so all the scholorships get awarded to athletes, some need the money others do not, which is partly why they are on probation. Their football team was good, now it’s screwed because the old head pissed off the coach. The hockey team sucks now, has sucked in the passed and will continue to suck in the future, sucking in more ways than one. The other sports teams are decent.They have an interesting program called Winterim which is possibly the best thing about the school. You spend two weeks focused on learning something new, some programs leave to go to Belize where you can learn to scuba, others stay on campus doing community service, or learning how to make stained glass. (There are more)The second best thing about the school would be their art program. It’s awesome. I may be wrong but I believe they have a new department head. The dance program is amazing (they almost always get invited to a Dance program in Scotland), the theater program is fabulous, and all of the art teachers have a lot of experience.If you decide to apply do yourself a favor and take an art class (it’s kinda required..but try to enjoy it..), stay away from the hockey scum, and don’t do a varsity sport.

I go to Lawrence Academy.

Ahh the school that just got in trouble with the ISL right?

*Note that the only thing LA gets noticed for is their sports team.

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Lawrence Academycollege
Lawrence Academy is a “prep” school in Groton, MA. It is in the ISL division of schools and is amazing at sports. The football team wins everything, the boys basketball team wins everything, and hockey claims to win everything. Lawrence Academy is as close as you can get to a pubic school as a private school. The school is populated by Hockey scum and football players. Majority of the students leave the school each year because it sucks so much. Many people get kicked out throughout the year for smoking pot on school trips. Everyone is recruited to the school and is on financial aid, because it is the most expensive school in the ISL. None of the school computers work, most of the dorms are falling apart, and some buildings are as old as the school is. The art programs are good and the school has many artsy kids there.
what private school do you go to?

Lawrence Academy

Ohhhh Suckss
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