Lauren B.

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Lauren B.
A drop dead gorgeous girl who is into musical theater and has amazing singing/dancing skills. the one who waits for

the perfect guy to come along and just doesnt date someone for their looks. looks at people inside and out. doesnt make out for the kicks… makes out for the guy. is nice to everyone and is the favorite to all the parents. life of the party and mature at the same time. puts everyone before herself. will wait for the perfect sweet guy to come along. brown hair and jewish. popular and makes all the girls jealous. hot and tan singer beautiful and a dancer.

i want to be a lauren b.. find that one perfect guy.
Lauren B.: define #2
Lauren B
Twerk Team Captain. Gets down with her bad self. Aint givin two shit bout nothin’. Big titty lookin’ fine ass bitch.

No but really, a Lauren B is a genuine individual. Coming across one is a once in a life time experience that you should cherish with all your heart.

Friend 1:Yo, I met dis fine dime piece a coo minute ago.

Friend 2:Ayyyy, I feel. Must have been a Lauren B.

Friend 1:YEEE luhh dat bitch.
Lauren B.: define #3
Lauren B
Lauren is a slut and she is a liar. She constantly makes excuses. She has an awkward body and she smells like fish. Stay away from Lauren if you want to have a good life. Lauren’s will make you rapidly decline in your life. Lauren’s will drop out of school and throw their own life away. She is the laziest girl, she doesn’t know how to read. Her eyes are blue but they should be brown. Don’t ever trust a Lauren. They think they know what is best but they don’t know anything at all. Stay far away. Lauren has terrible humor, she is the least funny person in the world. Lauren has no butt.
Lauren B

Did you smell that??? It smelled like garbage!

Yeah. It was definitely a Lauren B.
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