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pronounced either lay-toes or la-tossdefinition: absolutely fantastic. basically the greatest thing to ever happen to the earth.
“dude that was absolutely latos!”

“floyd j. latos is the official president of the world

latos: define #2
Going to the Cross in Sydney and getting some hot ass Asian
Yo dude, I’ve just been watching SBS I gotta get me some Lato!!!
latos: define #3
Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, & Oklahoma. Connected to the Spanish words ‘lado’ and ‘lato’.
Jake: You here about Dan? He got out of Cali.

Frank: Where to?

Jake: Da lato.
latos: define #4
Pronounced: lay-toe

Used to describe someone who inserts their limp or unerect penis into a wall.

Also used to describe the act of sticking ones limp penis into a wall.

That guy is a total lato.

Hey man, wanna come lato?

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